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Solution to winning tender

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Tendering successfully for new project require good planning, coordination and resources availability. However, in current market where open tender for jobs also means a more competitive bid, a bidding strategy that gives you competitive edge over your next competitor in securing the next job will make a difference to your success in tender. Centuryland Management has a solution that gives your organization the competitive edge. 

Understanding the factors that affect demand and supply in the residential property market is part of a process to investment in residential property. In fact, knowing the factors that affect the property market helps you in making a more sound decision when investing in residential property. But generally, in a nutshells, major macroeconomics factors that could affect demand and supply in the residential property market can be classified as follows:


In Singapore, foreign developers are subjected to regulations of Residential Property Act. A foreign developer need to apply for qualifying certifcate before they are allowed to carry out residential development in Singapore. The Qualifying certicate stipulates certain rule and regulations that a foreign developer must comply with prior to carrying out development works.Moreover, the application for such qualifying certifcate is aboput $400 per unit or per strata lot or per lot.

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What is Asset Managment ?

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Asset Management is primarily the management of  physical assets which entails acquisition, selection, maintenance, inspection, disposal and renewal. It  plays a key role in determining the operational performance and profitability of industries that operate assets as part of their core business.

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Bulk real estate investment in Singapore

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In Singapore, there are several ways whereby property investors, either as an individual or group of individual or institution, purchase land or existing property for development or redevelopment. Generally, investment in real estate for development are through government land or private land owned by individual or institution.Development can be generally classified as residential or non residential like industrial or commercial. The channels through which investor can owned a piece of land are as follows:

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