This page answers some of the question pertaining to our services, program and what we do..


What are the services offer ?
We provide services in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Investment & Market Research
  • Real Estate Project Management & Quantity Surveying
  • Real Estate Asset Management
  • Real Estate & Construction Consultancy
What are the specified for scope of services for each service?
Why should I use your services?
How can I contact you regarding my needs?


What are the program plans?
We have two types of program plans : 1) Professional Program Plan & 2) Business Program Plan.

Professional Program Plan is designed to help you as an individual to understand and keep abreast with the current changes and trends in the real estate and construction industry and market. The aim is to equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to tap on the opportunity and be part of a learning community

Business Program Plan is to give business owner or entrepreneur to embark on a partnership programme with Centuryland Management. The aim is to equip you to start out on an entrepreneur path.
Why should I join your programs?
How can I benefits from your program?
How can I sign up for your programs?


Who is Centuryland Management?
Centuryland Management is a network of professional and associates in the field of real estate and construction. We provide management and sustainable solutions for our end user and customers
How can I join your organization?
Current Openings


Is there opportunity to work with Centuryland Management?
We welcomed individual or organizations that has an interests, expertise or passion in the field of real estate and construction to colloborate and work with us on new exciting and challenging projects

You can contact us at

About Centuryland Management

Centuryland Management is a network of professionals and individuals whom have a passion and interest in the field of real estate and construction. We believe in offering management and sustainable solutions and services to benefit our customers and end users within the community.